Hard day…:(

Mollie has been doing very well since last Thursday….

Remember, the miracle that I told you about..

Well, yesterday, we had a “sad” day.

She was really ok for most of the day, but then, she wasn’t.

She cried hard and only wanted Kennedy.

Well, that’s hard on Kennedy because she doesn’t want to see Mollie sad.

But, Kennedy is also very busy this summer and doesn’t want her little MeiMei around all the time!!

So that broke Ms. Mollie’s little heart.

So after she woke up from a not great nap, we sat in her bedroom floor and had a good cry.

I was reminded of everything this little girl has lost in her 3 short years,

and I cried.

She was probably remembering life in Ch*na,

and she cried.

It was sad.


I reminded her of how much I loved her.

I told her how very sorry I was for all she has lost.

I told her that if her foster family could have adopted her, they would have.

That was how much she was loved by them.

I told her that I loved being her Mommy and I would always be there for her.

Then I asked her if she wanted to go outside and jump on the neighbor’s trampoline…..

That changed her mood very quickly!!

Needless to say, this girl’s getting a trampoline and soon!!  🙂

Mollie took this with my phone! Love their faces!!

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  1. Amber Amos says:

    I am so happy for your family. I am even more happy for your new daughter. She has no idea yet the new life that she has been welcomed into and the neat people that have taken her in to love. As you know God only gives us what we can handle. Sometimes we may wonder, but we can get threw it. Kennedy you will have a best friend for life there is nothing any greater than a sister. When you are young we dont always believe this, but as you get older you will soon realize. That is your future best friend!! With love the Amos family!

  2. Marcia Mitchell says:

    Hello Turners…..just wanted to say that it sure sounds like you are approaching Mollie’s needs in such a healing way. I sure am proud of you all. Also wanted to tell you that one of your messages, while in China, posted on my boss, Amy Miller’s fb page and she began to follow your journey. She told me yesterday that it went so far and then she didn’t get anything else. She was “crazy” trying to figure out how she got it in the first place and then to not get to see any more was driving her nuts. I was at work this week and wanted to show Mollie’s pic to everyone there and she was so excited to find out that the connection was me. How funny…what a small world. So now she gets the rest of the story! She said to tell you she didn’t even know who you all were but was praying for you. So there you go…..even strangers were praying for you all. Love you and can’t wait to some day meet your little Mollie! Hugs, Marcia

  3. rajeana says:

    heidi….you are such a good momma 🙂 we love y’all!

  4. Marjorie Harris says:

    And the journey continues. . .Aw Heidi, thinking about you guys, praying for you, and especially for Mollie. I have prayed that any sadness remaining in her memory bank, will be replaced with complete peace and joy. I know only God can do such a work. The passage of this phase in adoption will seem interminable for the most part; however, it will pass, and will smooth out, and Mollie’s memories will become less and less of her first three years of life, and more and more of her current life and future joys!! By God’s grace, may she only retain what will be most important to her in adulthood, and praying the ‘bonding process’ will strengthen daily as all of you pour into her. She is just adorable with a precious smile. Love you all. Marj

  5. Sherry says:

    Things will keep getting better. Trampolines can be fun. Mollie will miss her new big sister when school starts:( Keep sending pictures love them:)

  6. Debbie Sauer says:

    She is so precious. I’m sorry she is having some sad times. So glad that you are there to love her. Blessings

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