This is Jeremy again posting for my wonderful wife who is extremely tired.  I hope you enjoy!

Mollie Xiu is improving remarkably.  She has become a happy toddler!  She smiles.  She plays.  She laughs.  She runs. She is BEAUTIFUL!

Taylor and Kennedy play a game of hide and seek with her….They all go to the bathroom and get into the shower (it is big enough to fit 10 people).  Taylor and Kennedy quickly run and hide somewhere in the room.  Xiu Xiu runs wildly to find them.  When she finds them she falls to the floor laughing.   It is such a joyous thing to see she her respond this way.  We have video footage but for some reason we are unable to post video to our blog.

Xiu Xiu is warming up to Heidi everyday, but still has a ways to go.  Heidi has gotten some kisses, held her when she was asleep, and feed her some food.  We know in time that in time she will adore her Mama.

We spent the day at GZ zoo yesterday.  We found out the Mollie really enjoyed the animals.  And not only the animals, but also  an ice cream cone.  We let the pictures do the talking today….

Before our group picture! Aren’t they precious?
At the Zoo with JieJei and MeiMei!!
The Zoo!!
Another adoptive family….they are A/G pastors as well!!
Pastor’s here as well!!
Fun bus!!
Mommy and her littlest girl!!
Hungry girl!!
White tiger! Cool!!
Turner family outside the Panda house!!
Turner kiddo’s!! Aren’t they awesome?!
Aww, she is sweet with a little touch of ornery!!
Awesome trees!
Amei, Mollie’s friend!!
Adoption friends!!