Ok, every adoptive parent I know and have talked to say that once you make it to Guangzhou, it is awesome!!

Well, they were right!

Guangzhou, or GZ, does not disappoint!!!

First, we are in The Garden Hotel….now this is a hotel!!

When they say 5 stars, I believe it!!  I will post pictures!!

Not only are we in an Executive Suite, but we have 1 1/2 bathrooms!!

In. Our. Hotel. Room!!!  It’s fabulous!!!

The flight here from Taiyuan took about 3 hours.

Mollie did awesome!!  Taylor, Kennedy, and I had the 3 seats on one side of the plane and Jeremy and Mollie had the 2 on the other row.

They had a lovely Chinese lady and her 18 month old daughter, DoDo that sat beside them!!!

(Yes, you read her name right….poor girl!!)

Anyway, she spoke English and she and Jeremy had all sorts of good talks on the plane!

We found out through the power of paper and pen that Mollie is a lefty!!  Hope I can still teach her to tie her shoes!

She also loves to be clean and to have cleanliness around her.

She wiped off her tray table probably 20 times!!  Spilling her juice down Jeremy’s leg each time!!

What a great guy he is, didn’t even flinch!!  Just let her do it!!

We got checked into our hotel and spent a few minutes in our room before heading to dinner with our friends the Nix and Keller family.

We went to Tequila’s!  Yes, we ate Mexican food in China!!

It was delicious!!  Will definitely eat there again!

GZ is fabulous!!  They have a Starbucks!!  I’m in heaven!  Well, very close!

We are not being stared at now because there are so many Americans here!!  That’s been Taylor’s favorite part!!

While in Taiyuan in our group, there were 3 American families with 3 adopted kiddos!

They were not used to seeing people like us, so we drew a crowd wherever we went!!  It was insane!!

Taiyuan is a very dirty, smoggy city.  The cigarette smoke was so thick I feel like I have black lung!!  🙂

GZ, they smoke, but not as heavily, or maybe I just haven’t seen it yet!!

Mollie has done really, really well today.  🙂

Jeremy got a kiss this morning!!  Lucky!

She’s also calling him Baba all the time.  I think his heart is about full as it could get!!

He has got to be the most patient man, EVER!!  Well, maybe except for Job…..:)

I do believe that is one of the many reasons God chose Mollie to be ours, because He knew her little heart would be so broken and would need someone with more patience and understanding to help mend it.  That is one reason why Jeremy is her Baba.

They way she clings to him is such a great example of how we should cling to our Heavenly Father.

She looks to Jeremy to meet all of her needs!!

And he does.  Without fail and without complaint.

I’m still getting the “stink eye” from our little Peanut, but I know she’ll come around.

I’ve described it like this, I’m the step-mom.

You have a Mama whom you love deeply.

That person is gone and someone else comes in.

You don’t want to betray your love for your Mama, so you do not trust or give in to this Step-mom.

It takes time to build that trust.

Well, guess what Peanut, I’ve got time!  I’m not going anywhere!!

I worked through this paperwork for over a year and a half.

I labored to be your Mama.

I waited for you.

But you weren’t waiting for me…..you were living your life and enjoying every minute.

You had a family who loved you and whom you loved.

I know I need to give you time, and I can do that.

You deserve time and so much more.

Your life is so precious to me and I will wait.  Though it’s not easy!!  I will wait.

Ok, no more crying!!!  I’m so tired of crying!!!

That’s all I’ve done for 3 days now!!!  It’s time for smiles!!  And I’ve got some CUTE pictures for you!!!

Like I wrote earlier, we went to dinner with our friends and I got some adorable pictures!!

Today was a pretty uneventful day, but Mollie was happier.

She still grieves, but not as long or hard.

I still covet your prayers….please pray for her heart to mend.

Pray for her to start to see me as someone other than the Step-mom.

Now, on to the good stuff, pics of the day!!

Jeremy and Mollie on the ride at the park!!
Feeding the birds!
Our Taiyuan group with our guide Anna!
Mollie and Jeremy walking through the Taiyuan airport!
Mollie Xiu’s first plane ride!! We think…..
Taylor and Kennedy on the plane!
I “mustache” you….:) Hahahaha!!
Look at our lefty!! How fun!
Looking in the mirror! They had a blast!!
JinJin and Mollie Xiu at dinner tonight!!
Awww, isn’t she lovely??!! 🙂
Oh. Good. Grief!!! Can this picture be any cuter?!
It was so cute, I had to get another picture!! 🙂
Mollie’s friend William!! He is a cutie!!
Wow, doesn’t she melt your heart?!
JinJin, Mollie Xiu, and William!! BFF’s for life!! 🙂

BTW…..that is not our beercan you see in the above pictures!!  I promise!!

The wooden spiral staircase at The Garden! It is breathtaking!!
Our bathroom!! Check out that bathtub!!
Shower!! Love it!
Dressing area…..awesome!! Need this at home….:)
Living room!! Except tonight it’s Taylor and Kennedy’s bedroom!! Taylor’s on a cot and Kennedy’s on the couch!
View from our window! AWESOME!!!
Our bedroom….can’t really do it justice with a picture, but it’s awesome!!