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We Got It!!!!

 We’ve waited 117 days to say this!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Jr. High Spring Semi-Formal 2012

Well, since I have 3 beautiful children, I’m going to post pictures of them!!

You saw updated pictures of my youngest Monday, so how about some update pics of my 2 oldest??

They are both great kiddos and they are loved greatly by their parents!!

They had their Spring dance this past Saturday, and boy do they look good all dressed up!!  🙂

Jeremy giving Kennedy a corsage for the dance!!

Disclaimer:  Jeremy’s hair is not has gray as it appears….it’s an illusion!!  And probably the sunlight!

Taylor, Kennedy, and Jeremy!

Kennedy, Heidi, and Taylor

Disclaimer:  I’m not as heavy as I appear, it’s……oh, who am I kidding??  🙂

Kennedy, Lauren, and Keryna

Kyle, Tommy, and Taylor

Taylor, Lauren, Tommy, Keryna, Kyle, and Kennedy

Disclaimer:  These were not their “dates”.  They just happened to stand next to each other.  🙂

Kennedy, Lauren, and Keryna

Kennedy, Lauren, and Keryna

Lauren, Kennedy, and Keryna

Yes, I realize I had more than one child at this dance.

Yes, I realize there are several more pictures of the girls than the boys.

But have you ever tried getting 3 boys to let you take their picture??

They are not cooperative!!

Then you tell the girls you’re going to take their picture and they ask, “where do you want me and which way do I look”??

Night and day I tell you, night and day!!

Thank you Taylor and Kennedy for getting dressed up and going to the dance.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  😉

Jk, they didn’t let me stay!!

Day 114 of our wait for LOA………………….:(


Baby Girl has a closet!!

Who knew this…..

Would turn into this……

I realize it is seriously, pathetically filled right now, but that will change!!

Remember, we just got her update, so now we know what size she is!!

Yay Shopping!!

Day 112 of our wait for LOA………………………..:(

This just in…..UPDATED PICTURES!!

I am beside myself with excitement!!

I contacted a company to help me with updates Thursday evening and by Friday morning I had new measurements of Mollie.

Well, what do I have in my email this morning you ask???  Updated pictures!!

This is the best $50 ever spent in the lifetime of money being spent!!

I’ll stop talking so you can drink in her sweetness!!  Because she is precious!!

Jeremy and I LOVE this picture!!

"Sassy Pants"

You can tell this is our Mollie!!


This is the current information we received from them as well!!

 1.      Physical Development:

–         Can walk, run, jump and go up and down the stairs.

–         Could kick the ball and squat down to play.

–         Could turn the doorknob and put the lid on.

–         Be able to use the spoon to eat by herself.

2.       Language Development?

–         Can say short sentense,e.g ‘Granny,time for eat’.

–         Could understand the adult’s instruction and follow.

3.       Interacting with Others:

–         Likes playing with other children

–         She is out-going.

–         Likes to join group activities or games.

–        Gets well along with people, particularly close to the foster mother (granny).

4.       Likes and dislikes

–         Likes playing stuffed animal and cellphone.

–         Candy is her favorite.

–         She is not picky.

5.       Others:

–         Being Potty-trained,she will tell if she needs to go potty.

–         Currently she is healthy.

Thank you to my dear friend Tammy Manea for directing me to!!  What a God send you are to me!!

Day 110 of our wait for LOA…………………………:(  Seriously, this cannot come soon enough now that I have new pictures!!

Yay!! Ok, whose ready for an update on Mollie??? Me, me, me!!


I contacted another company who does updates on children in China and guess what??  I got one!!

Guess what else??  I should have some new pictures next week!!  NEXT WEEK!!!

Guess what else??  I should also have a little piece of paper that we’ve been waiting over 107 days for next week!!

That’s right!!  LOA baby!!  Next week!!

I got word this morning that we SHOULD have this coveted piece of paper in hand next week!!

Oh, what a glorious Friday it is!!

Well, do you want to know what size Peanut is right now??

Well, here are her measurements.  Let the shopping commence!!

Height: 79cm  or 2 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 13 kg or 28.6 lbs. (According to my adoptive Mama friends, she was probably weighed with clothes on and a brick in her pants!  So this number will be a little high as well.  Need to go closer to 25 lbs.)

Head Circumference: 48cm

Chest Circumference: 59cm

Foot length: 16cm or size 9.5 to 10 (This size cannot be correct, as I’ve checked with several other adoptive Mama’s who suggest she was probably measured with shoes on!!)  

Updated Foot Length: She is probably wearing a size 6 or 7.  We are going with 7!!

So for those of you curious to know what size she is, there ya go!!

For those wondering who I used, I went with China Adoption Help.  They were fabulous and fast!!

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement for my family!  They have been felt during this time!

Please remember, that we will be starting an iPad2 giveaway soon!  So be watching for details!!

Day 107 of our wait for LOA……………………:(


Forgot to mention, anyone want an iPad2? :)

We are going to be doing another fund-raiser VERY soon!!

This time you are going to have the opportunity to win an iPad2!!

We need to raise at least another $2,000 for travel expenses, so we are going to do this through a raffle!!

I will post more details as soon as I have the iPad2 in hand!

There will be loads of ways to enter and share with your friends and family!!


Help!! I’ve got a question?!?

So, I’m thinking maybe I should be getting ready for our Peanut to come home!!

(Seriously, I have done some things!!)

I know, I’m a slacker and a procrastinator!  My thought has been……this isn’t really real and won’t be till I get LOA in hand!!

But after talking with another adoptive Mama, I need to get serious!!

I’ve got a packing list a MILE long!  Things I need to purchase, obtain, acquire, so forth….

Of course, I don’t have a clue what size Peanut is!!  So I’m going at this with blinders on!  But onward and upward!

Ok, so since I’ve not had a toddler in like 10 years, what do I need??

I’m going with a toddler bed since I’m assuming she will be tiny!!  Also, we are putting it in our room so she’ll sleep with us for awhile.

I’ve been watching CraigsList for one I like, that really is a great website and will save some needed money!!

I’m guessing she is potty trained.  So no need for diapers.  But again, an update would be oh, so, helpful!!

See what I mean at going at this with blinders on??

But you parents of toddlers out there, give me some ideas….nothing off limits!  I need all the help I can get here!!

I’m not too proud to beg…:)

Thank you in advance for all of your fabulous advice, it will be much appreciated and needed!!

Day 106 for our wait for LOA………………………..:(

Ok, bad choice for a title…..sorry!!

Yesterday, the title of my blog threw you off.

People were congratulating me and genuinely very excited for us!

But it was not the news they thought.

That’s why it pays to open up the link and read the blog!  😉

I got an email from Just Love Coffee with that as the subject line.  It was in reference to their deal they are having that I blogged about in yesterday’s post.  The travel mug and coffee combo.  I ordered mine, did you??  😉

Anyway, I thought it was a cute title and really didn’t put that much thought into it!!  Lazy, I realize now!!

So for you that thought we had received word regarding our LOA, we have NOT!!  Boo…..sad….tears…..heartbreak.

You will know when we get that!

You may hear me scream when we get that!!

It will be a joyful day and the title of my blog will reflect that!!

There will be NO misunderstanding!  🙂

So till then, we wait.  We drink coffee, and we wait.

While you’re waiting, why don’t you order the coffee combo from Just Love Coffee!!

Even if you don’t LOVE coffee, someone you know does, and it would make an excellent gift!!

And the combo package is only available till April 20, 2012.

So hurry up!  What are you waiting for!!!

Click here to order!!  It is with much thanks and appreciation!!

Day 105 for our wait for LOA………………………………:(

It’s Go Time!!

I love coffee!!

I mean, LOVE coffee!!

Mission4Mollie is partnered with Just Love Coffee Roasters.  We have a “button” on the right side of our webpage that you can click and purchase their coffee.

A portion of your purchase goes directly to M4M.  Here is a sampling of their website….

And as passionate as we are about creating outstanding artisan coffees, we are equally passionate about helping those in need. Every delectable cup of Just Love Coffee you drink has a portion of its proceeds go to someone who could use a helping hand. In our first two years of business we have given over $200,000 to adopting families, non-profit organizations, and the arts.


Road Trip Combo

Road Trip Combo: African Skies + Travel Mug

Get your go on with this road trip combo. Brew up a pot of Just Love Coffee’s signature blend, African Skies, pour it into your new shiny Just Love travel mug, and give that cup holder in your vehicle a reason to live. The open road never felt so good as when you’re cruising with Just Love Coffee Roasters in your hand. Just make sure you keep one hand on the wheel.  The price is $16.95.

Click here to shop the Mission4Mollie Just Love Coffee store front and get this great deal!!

Day 104 for our wait for LOA…………….:(

Are you ready for some good news? Me too!! Got any?

I did find out that my agency’s in-Ch*na contact is trying to get our dossiers moved out of translation this week and to the CCC**.  So that’s something.

Then they informed me that it could be another 3 weeks till we receive our LOA.

And 3 weeks, that’s just an estimate.  Maybe longer, maybe shorter.

Needless to say, I’m not getting my hopes up.

But I do have 2 other children that are pretty great that I could blog about……

But then they would kill me.

They are teenagers, they don’t like their life written about on the internet for anyone to read!!

I could tell you about my pastor hubby who preached a message about suffering on Sunday.

I really don’t like when he preaches things that we may have to live out, like suffering!!

But I’m not God, so when it comes to sermon preparation, he gets his inspiration from above!!

BTW, that’s a great thing, because my ideas for sermons probably wouldn’t line up with Scripture!

But back to suffering….although this isn’t exactly what most would deem suffering, it was not fun.

Sunday afternoon we noticed our refrigerator’s water line was leaking…..all over the carpet in the kitchen….yes, I do hate carpet in a kitchen.

Hubs worked on this thing for several hours trying to fix it….didn’t work, decided to call a plumber.

But before that, he was in the garage, laying face down on the concrete, trying to turn off a shut off valve to this line of water.

As I went outside and saw his situation, I told him in the nicest way possible…..

“See, what you get for preaching on suffering!”

Again, I realize, this is not suffering, but it was challenging.

Day 98 of our wait for LOA……………………………….