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Ok, really, haven’t I been home long enough to get back into the routine of blogging??

Wow, that is one looooong title!! ¬†ūüôā

Ok, my goal is to blog everday.

That’s a goal people, doesn’t mean it will always happen….but I’m seriously wanting to do this thing!!

An update for you that are not on Facebook…..

Again, why aren’t you on Facebook?

It would make my life A LOT easier!!

Jk, I get why people are not on FB.

But that is another post!!

Mollie is doing really, really well!!

Makes my heart very happy to post those words!!

She loves music!! ¬†As a matter of fact, she’s on my iPhone now listening to one of my favorites!!

She’s smart as a whip!! ¬†(See above sentence…)

She takes my phone and maneuvers the heck out of it!!

I don’t even know how she did what she did!!

She’s very happy! ¬†She seems to love her family very much!!

Either that or she is one really great performer!!

Either way, there’s talent!! ¬†ūüôā ¬†JK!

Really, she is the cutest thing to leave China!!

She is still just in love and awe with her Jei Jei (Kennedy)!

The way she looks at her, you know she wants to be just like her when she is the ripe old age of 13!!

She loves Taylor as well, probably not as much as he loves her!!

The way the bigs (Taylor and Kennedy) are with her, it just melts my heart!!

I seriously get teary when I watch them!!  They adore her!!

Kennedy and I were talking Saturday and we both made the comment that it’s like she’s always been with our family!!

She just fits us!!

That’s the best way I can describe it!!

God knew what He was doing when He put her with us!!

She is definitely a Turner/Herndon combo!!

She is clumsy!!  Just like her Mama!!

She has stinky feet and breath!! ¬†Just like her…..well, like all of us!! ¬†ūüôā

She loves to be clean….just like Baba!!

She picks at her toes….just like her brother!!

She loves to sing and dance….just like her sister!!

I could go on and on about the similarities, but you get the picture!!

You want to hear about what she did today!!

Today was a momentous day in the Turner household….

Mollie started Preschool!!

We were not going to start her this year, but we both felt she is ready.

So today she officially went to school!!!

(Insert tears and sadness from Mama here!!)

No, I am happy for her!

She wants/needs to be around other kids her age and she seemed to love it!!

She’ll only go 2 days a week for 2.5 hours a day.

So it’s not like she’ll be gone all day, for 7 full hours!!

Needless to say Kennedy is jealous!!

She wants to go to school 2 days a week for 2.5 hours!!

Mollie did very well.

It was a good day.

What a sweet girl!!

Notice the “Owl” Backpack!!

Another super cute video!!

Ok, I know yesterday the video made you smile……

So, I have another!!


Well, if you’re not on Facebook….then here ya go!! (But seriously, isn’t everyone on Facebook?!)

WARNING: ¬†The following¬†video is super cute, so get ready to smile!! ¬†ūüôā

This is a video of Mollie counting to 10… is precious!!

Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

She’s cute!!

Hard day…:(

Mollie has been doing very well since last Thursday….

Remember, the miracle that I told you about..

Well, yesterday, we had a “sad” day.

She was really ok for most of the day, but then, she wasn’t.

She cried hard and only wanted Kennedy.

Well, that’s hard on Kennedy because she doesn’t want to see Mollie sad.

But, Kennedy is also very busy this summer and doesn’t want her little MeiMei around all the time!!

So that broke Ms. Mollie’s little heart.

So after she woke up from a not great nap, we sat in her bedroom floor and had a good cry.

I was reminded of everything this little girl has lost in her 3 short years,

and I cried.

She was probably remembering life in Ch*na,

and she cried.

It was sad.


I reminded her of how much I loved her.

I told her how very sorry I was for all she has lost.

I told her that if her foster family could have adopted her, they would have.

That was how much she was loved by them.

I told her that I loved being her Mommy and I would always be there for her.

Then I asked her if she wanted to go outside and jump on the neighbor’s trampoline…..

That changed her mood very quickly!!

Needless to say, this girl’s getting a trampoline and soon!! ¬†ūüôā

Mollie took this with my phone! Love their faces!!

Wanna see progress?? :)

She’s wearing Taylor’s no show socks! They are knee socks on her!!

Kennedy finally got her into the pool!!

This is not the same girl we met 3 weeks ago!

God has done some major “heart” surgery on her!!

She is finally trusting us and letting us in.

We could not be happier!

She has even decided that I am not so bad after all.

I don’t have pictures to prove it, but take my word for it!!

This little girl has stolen our hearts and we are all in love. ¬†ūüôā

Thank you Lord for your daily provision and faithfulness in our lives.

I absolutely give all the credit to Him!

But God!!  Only through Him!!

He is to receive all the glory and honor!!

“For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him.” 1 Samuel 1:27

First week home!!

Ok, since I have a few minutes, here’s an update!!

I will post some pictures of our homecoming, because it was such a fabulous time!!

We were overwhelmed with the show of love and care for our family!!

We had a HUGE welcome in the airport!!

Then, when we got home, our house was completely decorated inside and out with welcome signs!!

Our refrigerator was cleaned out and stocked!!

(BTW, how¬†embarrassing¬†to have someone see your filth!! ¬†But she promised not to tell a soul!! ¬†ūüėČ

Then, since we’ve been home, we’ve had wonderful meals brought to us every night!!

Can you feel the love??

Someone should write a song….:)

So that is all the wonderful, amazing, glorious things that have been done for us since coming home….

You are wanting to know more about Mollie Xiu.  Am I right?

Well, this part is not as wonderful, and amazing, and glorious as the first, but it’s getting there…

First, we are/were all on “Ch*na time”……

So our nights were our days and vice versa.

Especially the newest Empress.

She’s lived there for 3 years, of course the girls gonna be turned around.

So we were not sleeping very well those first several nights.

Then she regressed back into some serious grief.

I really didn’t/don’t know if I can handle that grief again.

Like I posted earlier, I think I grieved as hard as she did.

BTW, I haven’t gone back and looked at my blog from our trip.

I don’t want to yet.

Those emotions are still very raw and difficult to process.

Those were literally some of the darkest days of my life…..

I know, I Heart Adoption….

But to be honest, and that’s all I’ve been with this blog….

That was a week from “hell” that I do not wish to revisit.

Slander me all you want, I really don’t care.

My daughter grieved hard, and so did her Mama.

So when we got home and she regressed, I got very upset.

She still didn’t want anything to do with me.

She only liked Kennedy, Baba, and Taylor….in that order.

So add in our Schnauzer, Missy, well, the game has just changed!!

I think she liked Missy less than me, and that’s saying something!!

So the first days were hard.

I didn’t know what I was going to do if I ever had to be alone with this girl.

She didn’t like me!! ¬†She didn’t want to touch me!!

She would, however, look at me.

We tried co-sleeping at first, like we did in Ch*na…..

We were miserable.

She was miserable!!

She didn’t want to touch me, so co-sleeping¬†doesn’t¬†work here.

So we decided to put her to sleep in her bed…..

Good decision for all of us.

We also started her on a routine.

Keep her up as long as possible throughout the day, keep her moving, keep her occupied.

If she’s busy, she does not have time to grieve.

That started working.  Yay!

She still didn’t like me, but oh well, that will come.

I’ve read every article known to man about attachment and bonding and according to the experts, this is normal.

This. Is. Normal.

For your child to hate you, this is normal.

I really hate normal……

There is good news, I promise….

I just have to give you the ugly first…

Because this has been our existence.

The good news…..


I was worried because Jeremy has prayer on Thursday mornings with other area pastor’s.

Well, that leaves me home alone with my kids.  All 3 of them!

Well the older 2, I’m fine with, but that 3rd one, well if you remember, she hates me.

So Kennedy got up with her when Jeremy left.

Ok, all is well in our world.

So what happened on Thursday.

Well, in my humble¬†opinion, the greatest of miracles…..

Mollie, Kennedy, and I bonded.

We stayed home all day, in our pj’s, and just played, laughed, talked, sang, danced, and went for a walk.

We just stayed together.

We didn’t do anything spectacular, we just were.

Well, something spectacular happened in my youngest¬†daughter’s¬†heart.

She started to let me in.

Kennedy went swimming, Baba was putting together her awesome swing set, and she wanted to jump on the neighbor’s trampoline.

Well nobody was there to help her except Mama.

So guess who she let help her?

We had a blast!  She played on their swing set, she let me push her, and she went down the slide several times!!

Every time she did, I cheered like she had just won the Gold Medal in sliding!!

She loved it!!

She cut her toe and she let me take her inside and clean it up and bandage it.

It truly was a miracle!!

She left Kennedy and Baba’s sight and went with Mama!!

I was on cloud 9!!

The day ended as fabulous as it started!!

Then this morning, guess who was sad to see me leave??

I had a budget meeting for the library that I had to attend, so guess who came with me??

Baba and Mollie!!  She even let me sit beside her and put her in her carseat!!

People, I can tell you that prayer works!!

Thursday morning the pastor’s that gathered prayed hard for Mollie and me.

I truly believe that God heard their cries and moved mountains for us!!

I realize we have a road to travel, but this is a victory that I will celebrate!!

This is a glimpse of what God is doing in this precious girl’s heart and I’m so very thankful!!

Enjoy pictures of our homecoming!!

It was wonderful!!

Day 13 – Last Day in Guangzhou

This is Jeremy here. ¬†Heidi is busy packing as we head to Hong Kong. ¬†We leave at 5:00…just as soon as we get Mollie Xiu’s Visa.

Happy Birthday to my wife.

We went to the mall and she got a beautiful jade bracelet.  She deserves it.  She has worked so hard to get us to this point.  If you want to know anything about adoption, she is the person to ask.  Thank you Heidi for all your hard work!

Yesterday we did two things.

1. ¬†We went to Mollie Xiu’s consulate appointment and took the oath. ¬†She officially is an American citizen. ¬†We’ll…actually the moment she steps her foot on American soil she becomes American….American Chinese. ¬†After we took the oath while on the bus the adoption families all said the Pledge of¬†Allegiance and recited the Lord’s Prayer. ¬†It was kind of cool. ¬†It was nice to be on American soil in China…we’ll actually the American soil was five stories up!

2. ¬†Later in the evening along with other families we took a boat cruise down the Pearl River. ¬†They feed us a dinner and entertained us with a clown that could juggle and spin a soccer ball. ¬†Mollie Xiu got to spin the ball on her finger while the clown held her finger. ¬†I missed the moment with a picture. ¬†Word of advice to families coming to China…we wished we would have purchased a nicer point and shoot¬†camera. ¬†There were many times that we were late on pictures because we had to hold down the button for so long. ¬†Anyways, China has some colorfully lit buildings at night. ¬†It was neat.

This will probably be the last post until we come home. ¬†We are heading to Hong Kong today at 5:00. ¬†We will stay the night in Sky City Marriott near the airport. ¬†Our plane will leave at 10:25am. ¬†We will arrive at Detroit at 1:40pm. ¬†We will arrive in Indy at 7:10pm on Delta flight number 815…if you want to meet us at the airport. ¬†We only ask that you¬†respect our bond with Mollie Xiu. ¬†She still will not go to Heidi and until she does we don’t want her to go anyone else. ¬†She may not anyways! ¬†Just follow our lead on that…

Anyways, thank you for your prayers and support.  We are excited to get back home and see everyone!


Consulate Office where you take the oath

Some of the adoptive families with us at the American Consulate

Just before the oath

After the oath

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Loves ice cream

Heidi holding Mollie Xiu…only when she is asleep!

Pearl Shopping!

Pearl River Boat Cruise

True Chinese!

On the boat

Watchin the clown!

The clown

Hubert Keller Spinning the ball on his finger



Day 12 – Free day, sort of….

Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard about the Typhoon that is hitting Hong Kong, but we are getting poured on here in Guangzhou!!

We are actually flying out of Hong Kong Friday morning!!

I think we’ll be fine, but pray for us!

Today was yet again a very good day.

Mollie has come a long way in just a little over a week!

To watch her you would never guess she is the same little girl we met last Monday!!

What a miracle God is doing in her heart!!

We had a “free day” yesterday so we went back to the 4 story shopping center!!

Taking a taxi is an event!!  We have so much fun doing it!

It was actually Taylor’s first time to ever ride in one.

We went back and I bought for my girls and myself these beautiful little jade heart necklaces.

I feel like they represent the new heart that God has given not only Mollie Xiu but also myself.

She had a broken heart when she was born, it was repaired by surgery.

She had a broken heart when she left her foster family, it is in the process of being repaired.

Our heart necklaces will remind us of what God has done for all of us.

How He has adopted us.

This experience has been such a spiritual experience for me.

I am starting to understand more of the Father’s heart!!

How we are unwilling at first to come to Him, but He is patient!

I love that!!

Thank you Lord for being patient!!

Thank you Lord for adopting me even when I was unwilling!

So after we went shopping, we came back to the fabulous Garden Hotel.

We were soaked!!

It is raining and raining hard!!

We thought we’d have about 45 minutes to rest and dry out, but our guide told us that plans had changed and that we were leaving in 5 minutes to go to Shamain Island!!

So we got up and off we went!!

This place is where the adoptive families would stay while in GZ.

It is home to the famous White Swan Hotel and Victory Hotel.

There used to be shops galore!!

But the White Swan is closed for renovations, so a lot of the shops have closed..:(

It is a beautiful place!!

Of course, we were walking around in the rain!!!

We did get some of the famous photo ops with the statues and of course we ate at Lucy’s!!

We had fun, I’m so glad we went!!

I need to go back!! ¬†I didn’t get to visit all the shops I wanted to!!

It was a good day!!

Sorry for the thumbnail pics, I will change later!!

In the lobby of The Garden Hotel

The Garden lobby

Front desk at The Garden Hotel....awesome!!

The Tea Bar in the lobby of The Garden

Front desk..

Ceiling in the lobby

Lobby again…..:) Do you get how lovely just the lobby was??

Spiral staircase……awesome!!

My 3 gorgeous kiddos on the wooden, spiral staircase

Getting a giggle!!

LOVE this picture!!!

Taxi ride to the mall!!

Jeremy in the front seat of the taxi!

Four story mall!!

It was massive!!

Jade shopping!!

It was packed!!

Mollie and her friend at lunch!!

Plaza area outside the mall

Plaza area..

These were pets, not food!!!

Kennedy and Mollie on Shamain Island after our first purchase of “squeaky shoes”!! She loves them!!

Famous statue on the island. Every adopted child has their picture taken here!!

Love this!!

Loved this one too!!

Seriously, she is just too cute!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!

Lucy’s is famous for adoptive families!! It was also fantastic!!!

Lucy’s famous Iced Tea!!


Day 11 – Lions & Tigers & Bears….Oh My!

This is Jeremy again posting for my wonderful wife who is extremely tired.  I hope you enjoy!

Mollie Xiu is improving remarkably.  She has become a happy toddler!  She smiles.  She plays.  She laughs.  She runs. She is BEAUTIFUL!

Taylor and Kennedy play a game of hide and seek with her….They all go to the bathroom and get into the shower (it is big enough to fit 10 people). ¬†Taylor and Kennedy quickly run and hide somewhere in the room. ¬†Xiu Xiu runs wildly to find them. ¬†When she finds them she falls to the floor laughing. ¬† It is such a joyous thing to see she her respond this way. ¬†We have video footage but for some reason we are unable to post video to our blog.

Xiu Xiu is warming up to Heidi everyday, but still has a ways to go.  Heidi has gotten some kisses, held her when she was asleep, and feed her some food.  We know in time that in time she will adore her Mama.

We spent the day at GZ zoo yesterday. ¬†We found out the Mollie really enjoyed the animals. ¬†And not only the animals, but also ¬†an ice cream cone. ¬†We let the pictures do the talking today….

Before our group picture! Aren’t they precious?

At the Zoo with JieJei and MeiMei!!

The Zoo!!

Another adoptive family….they are A/G pastors as well!!

Pastor’s here as well!!

Fun bus!!

Mommy and her littlest girl!!

Hungry girl!!

White tiger! Cool!!


Turner family outside the Panda house!!

Turner kiddo’s!! Aren’t they awesome?!

Aww, she is sweet with a little touch of ornery!!

Awesome trees!

Amei, Mollie’s friend!!

Adoption friends!!


Day 10 – Shopping……oh yeah!!!

Today….well….how do I describe it….

Well, it was…..

A. Good. Day!!

Mollie Xiu did awesome!!

She woke up happy and that feeling just did not fade.

How am I feeling, well, my pity party is over.

I figure my daughter is happy, so I should be happy as well.

It’s a choice and yesterday I chose to be pitiful.

Today I chose to be happy.

It was a good day.  It was a God day.

We went shopping!!!

How can a day not be good when you go shopping??

Well, I guess that depends on what you’re shopping for?!

But for us it was jewelry, clothes, shoes, and silk items!

China is known for there pearls and jade.

I knew I wanted to buy myself and my daughters matching bracelets.

Wow, isn’t that weird to read, my daughters!!!

I love saying that plural!

Anyway, our guide took us to a pearl shop and I picked the strands and they made us 4 bracelets, and 3 pairs of earrings!

I got Mollie 2 bracelets….one that fits her know, and one that will fit her later.

We put it on her and she loved it!!

Kennedy and I put ours on, and it was precious!

We kept showing her we match!!  She is ours!!  She has a family!!

She showed that bracelet off to our guide Rebecca and she told me that Mollie must really love it because she showed her several times!! ¬†Made my Mommy’s heart very happy to bless my daughter with a gift that she loved!!

I believe that gesture showed Mollie she is a perfect fit to the Turner’s. ¬†She is now officially a daughter and sister!!

We bought this child new shoes.

Let me tell you….she LOVES clothes and shoes!!

She wore her shoes out of the store!!

She thought that was the greatest thing!

Then she kept looking at her shoes and her bracelet.

Yes, she is a fit to our family and she knows it!!

We went to the traditional Chinese outfit clothing store and talk about precious!!

I could not decide!

I wanted one of each!!

I restrained myself and only bought 2, there!!

We are going shopping again on Wednesday and I can not be responsible for what or how much I buy this child!!

If I have to buy my way into her heart, then so be it!!

Just kidding to those of you who think I’m going to bribe my child for love!

I would never do that, I’m to ethically moral! ¬†ūüėČ

After shopping, we went back to the hotel and Mollie napped.

Kennedy and I went to Shamain Island for more shopping!!

We, along with a few friends, took a taxi (awesome experience) and headed for more good buys!!

I can not tell you what I bought here, because some are gifts!!

Last night we went to dinner with our Facebook Winter DTC group!

DTC – Dossier to China.

It was so fun!! ¬†I got to meet friends that I’ve only ever met online!!

We then went back to Cow and Bridge restaurant to look for Mollie’s bag.

I’ve lost it!!

You can tell I’m not used to having a toddler yet, because I can not keep up with her stuff!!!

Wasn’t there!!

We came back to the room and Taylor, Kennedy, and Mollie played and played hard!!

She was walking around the hotel like she owned the place!

It was fabulous to see her continually make break throughs with us!!

We then Skyped with our church family as it was 10:30 am in Indiana and 10:30 pm in China!

As soon as we hung up, we went to bed!!

GZ is busy, but fun!!  So we are continually on the go.

Which we love!!

Continue to pray for Mollie and her heart!

She’s making big strides towards me, and for that I’m thankful.

I still can not hold her, but that is coming!!

She did let me wipe her face and give her a drink of water!

She lets me brush her teeth and fix her hair everyday!!

She’s a girlie girl!! ¬†She loves to be pretty!!

I did get to paint her nails last night, so that was pretty awesome!!

Today was a good day!!

Looks who jamming out?!

Already working Baba’s iPad!!

Loving the games!

Riding “Piggy Back”. She LOVED this!!

Mollie LOVES her JeiJei!!

I think Kennedy is going to have a “shadow” when she gets home!!

What is she teaching her?? We are going to have fun with these 2!!

The Pearl Market!! Oh, how I love this place!!

Look at that smile!! Oh, yeah, notice her new bracelet?